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Upload photo of ID in your account
Upload photo of ID in your account
How to upload your health card to complete your Dialogue account
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A Canadian government-issued identification card with photo and legal name is mandatory for all consultations, for identification purposes only. We will not charge governments for the consultation if a patient adds his or her health card, however, it may be useful when issuing a prescription, for example.

Note: The allowed file formats are .png, .jpeg, .jpg and .gif.

Mobile app

  • On the patient mobile app, navigate to the Profile tab.

  • Tap on Profile.

  • Tap on Health Card and upload your card.

Web app

  • At the top of the application, click on your name.

  • Click on Profile.

  • In the window that opens, click on Add Card.

  • Click on Upload Photo to choose a file already saved in your computer, or Capture photo to take a new one.

  • After choosing/taking a photo, click on Use Photo.

  • When you are back in the edit profile dialogue, click on Save.

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