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How to cancel or change an appointment?
How to cancel or change an appointment?

Cancelling or changing an appointment

Updated over a week ago

If you wish to cancel or change your upcoming appointment, please log in to the Dialogue application.

On the home screen, you will notice a section called Upcoming Appointments.

Simply click on the appointment - this will open an expanded view, enabling you to reschedule or cancel:

Cancellation or rescheduling must be made at least 4 hours before your appointment. You may be charged a fee for any late changes or a missed appointment.

Please note : If you have made your appointment less than 4h before its scheduled time and need to cancel or reschedule, we kindly ask you to do so at your earliest convenience, so that we can offer care to other members.

If you no longer have access to Dialogue and you wish to cancel your upcoming appointment, please reach out to us via the chat at the bottom right of this page.

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