Since an episode (consult) on our platform is considered a medical record, it is therefore under professional regulator retention rules. We are obligated by law to keep the records on our secure servers for a specified number of years depending on each province's regulations.

The privacy of our patients is very important to us and for that reason, access to their files is restricted to care-team members involved in their current care only.

For by province information on medical record retention durations, please consult the The Canadian Medical Protective Association (CMPA)'s website by clicking here.

The CMPA generally recommends that you retain medical records for at least 10 years (16 years in British Columbia) from the date of last entry or, in the case of minors, 10 years (16 years in British Columbia) from the time the patient would have reached the age of majority (either age 18 or 19 years). This information is also reflected in our Privacy Policy (Under Retaining your information) and Terms of Use (Under ​ 9. Account Termination and Cancellation).

You can always contact us via the chat in the bottom right of this page and obtain your medical record even after your account is deactivated.

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