In order for you to change your child's information, you will need to send a request to our care team directly through the Dialogue app:

Before you begin, please ensure that you have your child's ID with you

  1. Choose "other" on the bottom right hand side of the top 6 options

  2. A chat opens up, - answer "someone else" to the first question

  3. The next question - " What is the reason for today's visit?" - please answer "other question"

  4. "Do you currently have symptoms?" - please answer "no"

  5. "please provide any relevant information related to your health condition" - please answer "change name" or "change date of birth"

  6. The prompt allows you to choose a video call/phone call or continue to chat - please choose the video call option.

In order to change your name, for compliance reasons, one of our nurses will jump on a quick video call to ensure that your ID matches. Once that is completed, they will be able to change your information.

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