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What kind of questions can EAP help me with?
What kind of questions can EAP help me with?

How can EAP services help

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EAP can assist you with a variety of topics, including legal, financial and career counselling, as well as mental health coaching.

Below, you can find a non-exhaustive list of sample questions:

  • “I inherited an estate from a family member, and I am not sure I understand the legal implications of their will, can you help?”

  • “I am buying my first house, would you be able to help me with questions regarding my mortgage?”

  • “I have recently lost a loved one, and I would like to get support.”

  • “My child just graduated high school and they are undecided about their future and career path, can they speak to a career counsellor?”

  • “My spouse and I are encountering some difficulties in our relationship, would it be possible to speak with a specialist together?”

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