Migrating Your Account
I previously had access to Dialogue through a different employer or organization, how do I update my account to add my new coverage?
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Dialogue members can now add their new coverage directly within their application, by following these steps:

  1. Login to your Dialogue account on the mobile or web application.

  2. Click on “Let’s Go” on the home screen or navigate to the “Your Coverage” screen from under the “Account” tab.Click on: “Add a Coverage

  3. If your information on file matches your new coverage, you will see a success screen with the name of the organization who is providing your newly added coverage.

  4. If we are missing some information about your coverage, you will be prompted to enter some additional information, such as an access code. You can find your access code in your invitation email to Dialogue. If you have misplaced this email, you can click on “I don’t have an access code” and enter the email address from which you received your original invitation, to receive the email again. Once you receive the email (it may take a few minutes!), simply click on the link in the email to claim your coverage.

Note: Consult+ and Lumino Health Virtual Care members must reach out to us directly in order to update their coverage. Please follow the instructions below.

If you have any issues updating your coverage, please reach out to us and we will be happy to help you. To help us work on your migration as quickly as possible, please prepare the following information to share with us:

  • Full Name and date of birth

  • Previous Organization

  • New Organization

Please note that once the request is underway, it can take up to 48h to be completed by our technical team.

You can chat with us to submit your request by selecting the chat icon on the bottom right of this page or sending an email to support@dialogue.co.

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