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Physical Health

What can we treat?

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Like any general practitioner, we can help you safely with a wide range of conditions via virtual care. Those conditions include but are not limited to:

- Minor or known headaches

- Painless eye issues

- Infection of the upper respiratory tract

- Mild or known gastric issues

- Mild infection of the digestive system

- Asymptomatic sexual health

- Genito-urinary infection in women

- Breastfeeding support and related infections

- Dermatologic infections and eruptions

- Minor cuts or bites

- Travel health

- Prescription refills for most known and stable conditions

- Minor or uncomplicated thyroid issues

- Common mental health issues (Depression, anxiety, stress, fatigue, insomnia...)

Our team can also help you find clinics, specialists, and laboratories with specific criteria, thanks to an updated and rich database of health providers.

Who is eligible to use Dialogue?

Members of an organization subscribed to Dialogue and their immediate family (limited to spouse and children) for organizations with family access

Members cannot consult on behalf of someone else for legal reasons (exception for children under 14 and medico-legal dependents if under age 21, or under age 26 if a full time student)

Children aged 14 and older are required to have their own Dialogue account and cannot use their parents’ accounts

Members are required to be physically located in Canada when using Dialogue. It is not possible to use our services from elsewhere except for administrative tasks (appointment booking, healthcare navigation). NB: It is possible that your access includes consultations with one of our partners abroad.

An in-person visit is mandatory for:

Controlled substances or substance use disorder

Life-threatening conditions

Paranoid personality disorder, antisocial personality disorder, somatoform disorder, active psychosis, eating disorders

Other consultations deemed necessary by our specialists

Children under 14 years old

What are our additional services?

Other healthcare professionals can be accessed through Dialogue at an additional fee (may vary based on the location and the practitioners, please enquire with our care-coordinators).

It is also possible that access to certain of these healthcare professionals may be free of charge to you, depending on the services your organisation has subscribed to.

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