Dialogue's Substance Use Service

Details about Substance Use add-on to the Employee Assistance Program

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Dialogue is now offering a Substance Use service as an add-on to its Employee Assistance Program. Through this service, members are assessed, recommended treatment, and referred to external resources by Mental Health Therapists who are registered health professionals specializing in substance use disorder.

Members are referred to external resources and treatment centres with staff who are trained and certified to assess and treat substance use issues and addiction.

Through Dialogue’s standard EAP service, members seeking support for substance use issues can receive coaching around how to incorporate healthy behaviours in their life, be referred to specialized substance use treatment centers and resources outside of Dialogue, and receive assistance to identify suitable resources. Members also receive a follow-up to verify that they have contacted a clinic and to provide support by building motivation to persevere.

By contrast, the Substance Use service add-on allows members to access assessment and personalized recommendation for substance use treatment, including warm referral towards substance use treatment facilities and resources. This means that Dialogue’s team helps members to find the right treatment program and ensures that there is availability for them. In such cases where there is a wait time for availability for treatment, Dialogue’s team continues to provide support and encouragement.

The Substance Use service includes significant coaching and support as well as symptom and substance-use monitoring to engage in those resources for members who have a clinically significant need but might be hesitant to pursue treatment.

Please note: The Substance Use service provides assessment, referral to treatment, and coaching for the use of drugs and alcohol. Please note that this service does not cover smoking cessation or non-substance related addictions like gambling, sexual addiction, or cyber-dependence. This service is only available to members 18 years of age and older.

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