Add your family members

If you have a family coverage you can add dependents (family members) to give them access to Dialogue.

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Important: Only the spouse and the children from 0 to 21 years old, (or until 25 years old if full-time student, living in the same household as the primary Dialogue account holder, or reside near their school or university) can be invited to Dialogue.

Only primary Dialogue account holders can add family members by following these steps:

Select the icon of a person on the top right-hand side

Select Family

Adding an adult (14+).

  1. Click on Add adult (14+)

  2. .Enter their email and send an invite. 

Note: Adults have separate accounts for confidentiality reasons. Unless a parent or guardian has been explicitly invited by the patient, adults consult privately.

Adding a child (0-13)

  1. Click on Add child (0-13)

  2. Fill out their account information. 

Note: Children under the age of 14 have an account that will be associated with yours. The presence of both the parent and the child are required during consultation.

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