You can invite the following family members to Dialogue if your organization has chosen the Family Plan:

Spouse/partner: this represents spouse by marriage or through another official union recognized by the law, or an individual of the opposite sex or same-sex who has been recognized publicly as a spouse for a period of at least 12 months (common-law partner). If there is no cohabitation, this brings an end to the admissibility of a common-law partner.

Dependents: this represents children of the eligible member or the member's spouse (other than foster children) who (i) are not married or in any other, legally recognized formal relationship, (ii) are under 21 years of age or under 26 years of age if they are full-time students, and (iii) live in the same household as the Employee or reside near their school or university;

Children under the age of 14 are added directly to the account of their parents. Individuals over the age of medical consent (14 years of age) are required to consult privately with practitioners through their own account unless a parent or guardian has been explicitly invited by the patient.

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