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How to change the language of your Dialogue application:
How to change the language of your Dialogue application:

Choosing the preferred language for your Dialogue application:

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The language of your Dialogue application defaults to the language of your browser or mobile device operating system. You can change the language of your browser or your mobile device operating system to change the language to which the Dialogue app defaults.

For iOS users of the Dialogue mobile app, you can also choose to change the language of the application itself by following these instructions:

  1. Find the Dialogue app in the settings menu of your phone, click on it to see the settings for the Dialogue app.

  2. Choose the language of your preference from this menu.

A few important notes:

  • The "language of communication option" in your profile dictates the language of the e-mails you receive from our care team.

  • All interventions will be in the language of your choice. Our care team will respond to you in the language in which you choose to communicate, and this applies to chats, phone and video consultations as well as prescription renewals etc.

  • Currently, we only can guarantee service in English and French. Dialogue has several practitioners who can speak other languages, but we cannot guarantee prompt availability in all provinces.

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