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Does my family also have access to EAP services?
Does my family also have access to EAP services?

Family and EAP services

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Dialogue’s EAP services are available to you and your immediate family members. In order to allow your family to access these services, please invite them via your Dialogue account.

Family members who qualify include your spouse, and your children from 14 to 21 years old, or until 25 years old if full-time student, living in the same household as the primary Dialogue account holder, or reside near their school or university.

Please note: Guardians of children under 14 years old can only consult on their own accounts for parental coaching (i.e. in order to receive support on the impact of their child’s mental health on themselves or to be provided strategies/resources to get their child the help they need). If both parents want to be present, they should follow the group coaching procedures.

Please see this article in order to invite your eligible family members to Dialogue:

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