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What is included in the scope of EAP services?
What is included in the scope of EAP services?
EAP services
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Dialogue's EAP services include:

  1. Legal & Financial: We can connect you with an experienced lawyer or financial planner who can assist you with your legal or financial matters. Here are some examples of services that can be provided:

  2. Work & Career: Our career counsellors are able to guide you through the complexities in your career or workplace and help you achieve your goals! Consult with us if you are experiencing stress at work, challenges with a colleague, or if you’re interested in tools or coaching to boost your performance.

  3. Mental Health: Your mental health matters just as much as your physical health! Our mental health specialists offer compassionate support for a variety of issues including stress and anxiety, feeling overwhelmed, feelings of isolation, depression, grief, and more.

  4. Family & relationships: Your well-being starts with the people who surround you. We offer guidance, resources, and compassionate support for a variety of issues including:

Our professionals have extensive experience in counselling, social work and crisis management. They will provide you with the best resources, curated for your needs.

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