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Edit your dependent's profile
Edit your dependent's profile
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To ensure the safety of our patients, it is not possible to edit your child's name, date of birth, and sex at birth in both the mobile and web application. If you made a mistake while creating your child's profile, please ask the care team, via the application, to change the information for you.

However, it is possible to edit their health card on file so we can always have access to their valid health card. Here's how you can update their health card on file:

  1. Select the icon of a person on the top right-hand side

  2. Select Family

  3. Select the family member

  4. Select "Health Card"

  5. Upload or Capture the desired picture

  6. When you have finished changing their profile information, click on "Save Changes" in the lower-right of the Profile pop-up screen.

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