Creating Your Account

Follow these steps to create your account and access your Dialogue coverage.

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Already had access to Dialogue in the past? If you already have a Dialogue account, you can follow the instructions here to migrate your coverage.

New member? Follow the steps below to create your account.

Invited by an organization or employer?

  • Download the app on mobile (iOS, Android), or access on the web.

  • Click on “Create Your Account”.

  • Please make sure to choose the right region from the bottom of the login page.

  • Enter a personal email address and create a strong password.

  • Fill in your profile. Make sure to enter your name and date of birth as it appears on a piece of government ID as this is the information that we will be using to check whether you are eligible for Dialogue.

  • If the information provided matches the information supplied by your organization, your services will be unlocked and you will see a confirmation screen. You may be prompted to enter additional information to complete your registration. This could be:

    1. An access code, which can be found in your invitation email

    2. Your unique ID, such as an employee ID

    3. The email address where you were invited (typically, your work email address but it may also be your personal email address in some cases).

Please Note: If you’ve received an email invitation from Dialogue, you can also simply click the button in the email to create your account.

Invited by a family member?

Follow these steps if you have been invited by your family member to join Dialogue:

  1. Download the app on mobile (iOS, Android), or access on the web.

  2. Click on “Create Your Account”.

  3. Enter the email address at which you were invited to Dialogue by your family member.

  4. Create a strong password.

Note: If you previously created a Dialogue account with that same email address, you will need to contact our support team ( to have that account migrated to the coverage of your family member.

Still having issues?

Please contact our support team via the chat in the bottom right of this page, or at, if you can't sign up. We will be happy to help you!

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