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Looking for your access code?
Looking for your access code?

How to find your access code

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Most members can find their access codes in their invitation email, but if you do not have yours you can follow these steps to have your access code sent to you:

  • Please click on "Resend my invitation code" underneath the access code button.

  • Then enter the email address at which you were invited. (This may be your personal, professional or school email address).

  • The system will then send you an email with a link to your professional email to confirm your eligibility.

This should unlock your services!

If you have requested an access code and you are not receiving one please make sure to:

  • Try to send the access code email to both your personal and professional email addresses.

  • Check your junk and spam folders.

If you are still not receiving an email with the access code:

  • You may already be signed up - please try to log in with any email address you might have used to create an account.

  • If your account is already created - you can have a password reset email sent to you by clicking 'forgot password' on the login screen. (Try any email address you might have used to create an account.)

*Please note: If you do not receive a password reset email it is most likely that you have not created an account with that email address.

If you are still not able to access your account please contact us at or via the support chat in the bottom right corner of this page!

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