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Manage your Dialogue account
Manage your Dialogue account

All you need to set-up and manage your Dialogue account. Contact if you need further assistance.

25 articles
How to start a consultation?Steps to take to begin a consultation
Reset your passwordPassword forgotten
Multi-Factor AuthenticationAbout multi-factor authentication and how to set it up on your account.
Trouble signing up as a university studentCoverage through a university or student insurance
App not available while located in CanadaThe listed country in the App Store / Play Store is not correct
I'm not receiving a requested emailFirewall interference
Access DialogueWhere to access the service for medical questions
Add your family membersIf you have a family coverage you can add dependents (family members) to give them access to Dialogue.
How to change your child's name or date of birth (under 14)change child's information
Edit your Dialogue profileIf you made a mistake while creating your profile
Change your login emailYou can now update your email address used to login to Dialogue
Why does an account require a phone number?Why add a phone number to your Dialogue account?
How to cancel or change an appointment?Cancelling or changing an appointment
Mobile devices and browsers supported by Dialogue
How to change the language of your Dialogue application:Choosing the preferred language for your Dialogue application:
Enable notifications, locations, microphone and cameraConfiguring the settings for your application
Edit your dependent's profile
Attach a file in the appHow to upload
Medical questionsHow to get answers and assistance for your medical questions.
How to book an appointmentIf you need to book an appointment with a care-team member.
How to remove credit card information from your accountremove credit card information
How to sign out of the applicationHow to sign out of the app
Contact Dialogue SupportNeed help with your Dialogue account?
Creating Your AccountFollow these steps to create your account and access your Dialogue coverage.